East River Science Park
New York, New York

The East River Science Park comprises 4.5 acres with more than 870,000 square feet of scientific research and development, office, and retail space and approximately 46,600 square feet of open space. Located along First Avenue between 28th and 30th Streets in New York City, the bioscience research and development campus is designed by KlingStubbins and boasts magnificent views of the East River.

Capitalizing on its proximity to renowned healthcare institutions, including Bellevue Hospital Center, Memorial Sloan Kettering, Mount Sinai, NYU, Rockefeller, and Weill Cornell, the science park takes advantage of New York’s vast research and hospital network and is part of an effort to “diversify the city’s economy,” according to the New York Times. It is expected to be the flagship location for companies in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, research, and medical-device fields.

Size: 970,000 square feet
Construction: Turner Construction